Law Enforcement

TeleFore, LLC specializes in the acquiring, processing and analyzing communications data for the Law Enforcement community in a timely and efficient manner. Communications analysis is an integral part of any investigation and is frequently used for the purpose of:

  • Expanding Investigations
  • Developing Intelligence
  • Proactively Targeting
  • Assisting Prosecutions
  • Corporate

    Communications control and analysis can play a crucial role in a company's integrity and security. TeleFore, LLC has the ability to comb through massive amounts of communications records in order to ensure:

  • Data Preservation
  • Identify Anomalies
  • Identify Networks Within
  • Training

    Little training exists within criminal justice college courses, law enforcement police academies or in-service training classes on how to utilize telephonic intelligence. During the course of recent investigations, TeleFore, LLC has encountered a wide variety of situations, some of which have required extensive research of the latest telephone technology.

    TeleFore, LLC has incorporated these new concepts into a 1 day training program in what we consider to be the most up-to-date and comprehensive course available to law enforcement.

    Communication Analysis


    With over three billion telephone calls made daily in the U.S., and trillions of text messages sent yearly, deciphering who is in contact with whom can be a daunting task for any Investigator. Communications analysis is an integral and crucial part of any investigation. Are your investigators able to handle / interpret the information received from the carriers? What do you do if it comes in a text file, image file or PDF file? What if the carrier just sends you a hardcopy?


    Not all leads are created equal - and neither are all investigative solutions. TeleFore, LLC's investigators can identify suspects and co-conspirators from a single set of phone records. What was formerly time-intensive work can now be quickly performed and results returned to investigators, allowing for law enforcement organizations to re-allocate resources appropriately.


    Any connection can seem potentially meaningful and investigators can waste a lot of time chasing down unproductive leads. Telefore, LLC will show you the most promising leads early in a case. We analyze the data, not just sort and repackage, it and we alleviate "data overload".


    Telefore, LLC will take your communications records and identify who, within your investigations, is in contact with the same numbers. Uncovering patterns and sequences of a single target or of a group can help identify unknown conspirators within an organization, confirm throw away phone usage, and identify assets for forfeiture.


    Utilizing location data, we can identify a target's travel routes, habits and home area. This can serve to corroborate or refute information provided by witnesses or defendants.


    TeleFore, LLC can import and analyze your forensic extractions by comparing them with your other communications records. Such extractions allow investigators to link contacts, emails and text message content with the general communications records.

    Who Is Telefore and Why Should You Choose Us?

    TeleFore, LLC consists of a team of skilled telephone data analysts whose capabilities are unsurpassed. Our team has over 50 years of Law Enforcement experience investigating violent crimes, executing search warrants and supervising police officers in street enforcement activity. Some are certified as internal investigators, a position for which they had access to confidential information that was used to conduct internal investigations of misconduct or corruption. TeleFore, LLC also has members who have been trained and certified in cellular phone and GPS forensics. Our analysts have been accepted as expert witnesses in both the New York State and Federal courts.