Data Preservation

Due to the massive volume of communications records created by companies, records are frequently not retained by in-house systems for more than 90 days. TeleFore, LLC can assist in storing these records in the event that they are needed for reference in the future.

Identify Calling Patterns

TeleFore, LLC uses technology that examines communications (calls, emails, text messages) based on their sequence and proximity, allowing for identification of patterns, information gaps, and anomalies, while organizing bulk data and minimizing overload.

Identify Networks

By examining the patterns, sequence, and succession of phone calls in a set of records, TeleFore, LLC can identify people who are interconnected and can also determine the structure of such a network / organization.

Create Visual / Analytical Products

TeleFore, LLC is able to provide geospatial, chronological, and association charts that can add context to the reports generated from the communications analysis.

Liaise with Law Enforcement

TeleFore, LLC can provide evidentiary quality data, which can be utilized by law enforcement and prosecutors in formal criminal or civil proceedings.