Law Enforcement

Acquisition / Data Clean-up

TeleFore, LLC can provide guidance, tactical strategy and wording for legal requests for subpoenas, search warrants, pen registers and Title III's. We can also assist in rendering call detail records, emails, and GPS hits into workable formats that will allow for analysis by you or us.

Communications Analysis

TeleFore, LLC uses technology that examines communications (calls, emails, text messages) based on their sequence and proximity, allowing for identification of patterns as well as information gaps and anomalies.

Generating Leads

Through communications analysis, TeleFore, LLC is able to minimize data overload in order to highlight important associations and detect high-probability leads to investigate further.

Identifying Organizations & Organizational Structure

By examining the patterns, sequence, and rapid succession of phone calls, TeleFore, LLC can identify people within a criminal organization and determine the structure of that organization.

Creating Visual Analytical Products

In addition to the reports generated from the communications analysis, TeleFore, LLC is able to provide geospatial, chronological, and association charts that can be used for prosecutorial purposes.


TeleFore, LLC can analyze information extracted from a cellular phone, allowing for investigators to compare contact lists, photos, videos, and text message content of a target phone with other case materials. This information can provide added context and value on top of the general communications records.