Acquisition / Data Clean-up

TeleFore, LLC can provide guidance, tactical strategy and wording for legal requests for subpoenas, search warrants, pen registers and Title III's. We can also assist in rendering call detail records, emails, and GPS hits into workable formats that will allow for analysis by you or us.

Analytical Products

Once TeleFore, LLC has cleaned your data, several types of analytical products can be developed from these records. These include informative reports, network analysis charts, and timelines to demonstrate sequence of communications, contacts and events of associated persons.

Geo-location Records

In addition to the commonly known types of communications records, all cellular providers can supply location information with the proper legal process. The information from E911, RTT, and historical cell sites can be analyzed and mapped, which can show the device's activity and ultimately be used for prosecution. Geo-location products can consist of Google Earth Flyovers, 3D visualizations, and movies that depict location or travel routes.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials created for investigators / prosecutors will vary depending on your requirements, the type of case and the type of audience that the materials will be presented to. Final products will be determined on a case by case basis.

Expert Testimony

TeleFore, LLC has extensive experience in the fields of law enforcement and telecommunications analysis. This has been recognized by New York State and Federal courts, and as such, we can provide expert testimony regarding all products developed.